Many homeowners have found that painting a room themselves can bring nearly as high a quality a result as having the room professionally painted. Of course, there are plenty of pitfalls that a professional will know to avoid that may be new to an average homeowner.

For example, it’s important to think about the future when choosing a color. If you think you might paint again in the near future, you should know that repainting a dark color will likely require more coats of paint. And if you may be selling your house, you should know that prospective home buyers are more likely to be interested in a home with neutral paint colors.

It’s also important not to be cheap when selecting the paint and tools you will use for the job. Lower prices may seem more appealing, but inferior products almost always mean more time and effort spent doing the job.

The Importance of PPE

PPE – Chances are good that you know what it stands for – Personal Protective Equipment. However, PPE is more than just an N95 mask to prevent coronavirus transmission. PPE is any type of wearable gear that can help protect a person against safety hazards. You might also think of things like hard hats, high visibility clothing, gloves, and safety glasses. All are still very important, even when you are painting.

These types of PPE are not only for use within a commercial environment. When you’re doing projects around the house, you’re often doing some of the same work that the professionals do, except you likely have less experience and half of the appropriate skillset! For those and many other reasons, it’s recommended to use PPE even when doing work around your own home. Taking a few minutes before starting work to plan for and wear the appropriate PPE can do much to prevent injury or even death.

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