A cluttered house can be stressful. Learn how to declutter your home so that you’ll have a tidy and relaxing space to enjoy every day. Let’s look at some tips to get you started.

5 Ideas to Declutter Your Home

1. Declutter Your Home for Ten Minutes a Day

One of the hardest parts of decluttering is actually getting started. You look at a disorganized space and get overwhelmed.

Set a timer for ten minutes and start by doing the easy things first. Sort into piles of things you can throw away, things that belong in another room, and items you no longer need.

When the timer goes off, put the trash outside. Take misplaced items back to the rooms where they belong. Put the items you no longer need in the car and donate them next time you’re out.

Do this once a day and your home will become less cluttered over time.

2. Declutter One Drawer, One Cabinet, One Container

You may dread decluttering your kitchen due to the sheer amount of work it’s going to require. Instead of tackling the entire room at one time, aim for one small area.

Once a day, make a goal to declutter one drawer, one shelf, or one cabinet. Take everything out. Remove the things you don’t need or that belong somewhere else. Take a moment to clean the space. Then, put the remaining items back in an organized manner.

3. Be Systematic When You Declutter Your Home

If your entire house needs a thorough decluttering, it may be tough to commit to seeing the project through to the end. Get systematic about your approach.

Make a detailed list of what you need to declutter. For example in the bathroom, your list could include clearing under the cabinets, the linen closet, drawers, shelves above the toilet, etc.

With a list in front of you, focus on tackling one thing at a time. On days when you’re not feeling like organizing, choose a small project that will only take a few minutes. This way, you’ll continue to make progress through smaller steps to declutter your home.

4. Dispose of Anything Past Its Expiration Date

An easy way to clear items out of your kitchen and bathroom is to get rid of anything that’s past its expiration date.

Go through your cabinets, spice rack, pantry, refrigerator, and freezer. Check open containers in the fridge for mold growth. Throw out everything that’s expired or spoiled.

Do the same thing in the bathroom. Check your shampoos, lotions, facial creams, cosmetics, medicines, etc. If you have medications past their due date, wrap them in a plastic bag and throw them away. Do not flush them.

5. Use Four Bins

When you’re decluttering, keep four bins handy. The first is for items to throw away. The second is for items to donate or give away. The third is for items that belong elsewhere in the house. The fourth is for items you need to store.

Throw away items that are broken, stained, or otherwise unusable. Donate or give away items that are still in good condition, but that you no longer need. This bin can include items you want to sell. Items that belong elsewhere should be removed from the room.

These are just a few tips on how to declutter your home and create a more comfortable, organized space.

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